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Common pre-launch Magento errors

Making a pre-launch checklist can often be an essential tool for web developers. We all know how crazy things can get, especially leading up to the deployment of an ecommerce project. The next time you are under the gun to meet a dealine, be sure to check these 5 common, but crucial, errors before launching your Magento site.

  1. Forgetting to switch the payment mode from Test to Live.
    Nothing will make a customer leave your site quicker than having problems at check-out. In addition to extensive payment processing, a customer may question the integrity of your site's security if it takes them a log time to check-out. Make sure your payments are processed smoothly and that proper error-handling procedures are in place.
  2. Remove all test orders, products, and customers.
    Even though test variables may not exist in every category, they can still be searched through any given search engine (ie. google, yahoo, bing, etc…) if they are not removed prior to a site's launch.
  3. Turn caching on.
    Typically this is the first thing an administrator will turn off during a site's development; ensure it is turned back on prior to a site's launch.
  4. Disable Magento Newletter Subscription Emails.
    In some cases, store owners will work with a 3rd party email marketing client to manage their email lists. Some examples of 3rd party managers are Constant Contact & MailChimp. In this case, it is extremely important to turn off the Magento Newsletter Subscription Emails to avoid spamming your customers with annoying emails.
  5. Forgetting to Edit the 404 Error Page.
    This commonly overlooked error is very crucial. In addition to being undesirable, the default page also refers to the Magento store, thus giving your clients a undesired look at the developing process(es) of your site. Also, you as an administrator, will want to take advantage of turing a bad thing into a good thing by re-engaging your clientele. Ensure that the copy and design or your 404 page is reflective of your brand's image as it provides a clear message and guides your customers back to where they need to be. In fact, be creative with it!
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