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Capitalize on mobile search opportunities

Marketing in the new digital landscape is changing blazingly fast, and it is important to understand how to best capitalize on mobile search boom. From in-app purchases to in-store promotions, new marketing opportunities are arising that specifically target the mobile user.

4 Steps to Prepare for Mobile.

  1. Build a responsive web design.
  2. Produce content specific for mobile use.
  3. Understand, measure, and incorporate for mobile performance.
  4. Track your company's mobile rankings through analytics. (Note: You have to prioritize opportunities.)

Step 1
Follow best practices on responsive design or dynamically served HTML. Flat, clean and simple designs lead to greater engagements and more time spent on a given site. Look at the site's bounce rate by device and you can pinpoint which pages aren’t responding on your mobile device and from there focus your next steps for a quick change and easy win.

Step 2
Optimizing for mobile devices means making sure you are producing content for mobile customers. Mobile content is social content. Integrate all your search, social and mobile campaigns.

Step 3
Understand blended rank and mobile rank, once you do, analyze the local and mobile relationship by measuring mobile and local landing pages. From there, code/build a solid mobile campaign dashboard.

Step 4
Measure your site's true rank in mobile across all devices. Understand mobile Share of Voice and be inclusive of Universal Results. Also, pay attention to local queries and audit mobile performance regularly for best results.

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