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Manually remove a Joomla 3.x component

Sometimes the native Joomla uninstaller medthod does not successfully remove all of a component's data. If this happens, you may need to manually remove the component from your database. To avoid errors by doing this, make sure you understand the fundamentals of MySQL.

To remove a Joomla component's data in MySQL, run these queries.

-- Run these queries in your phpMyAdmin
-- Manual removal com_EXTENSION_NAME from Joomla! database
-- Change the #__ to your Joomla! prefix, e.g. #__extensions to jos_extensions
DELETE FROM `jos_schemas` WHERE `extension_id` = (SELECT `extension_id` FROM `jos_extensions` WHERE `type` = 'component' AND `name` = 'com_EXTENSION_NAME');
DELETE FROM `jos_extensions` WHERE `name` = 'com_EXTENSION_NAME';
DELETE FROM `jos_assets` WHERE `name` = 'com_EXTENSION_NAME';
DELETE FROM `jos_menu` WHERE `type` = 'component' AND `title` LIKE '%com_EXTENSION_NAME%';
DELETE FROM `jos_session` WHERE  `data` LIKE '%com_EXTENSION_NAME%';

Also, it is important to check for component-specific files and folders that may remain on the server when you remove a component manually. In this case, you must manually remove these files and folders. For example, if you want to remove a component, delete these folders:


And delete the following files

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