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In a sea of competitors, your ability to be remembered is immeasurable. Attract, connect & engage... while converting your customers into loyal brand advocates.

Your brand is the essence of what you do, who you are and most importantly - how you're percieved. Our team works with clients to identify, create, name, design and manage branding strategies for products and businesses. While MASSMEDIUMS offers full-service marketing solutions, our niche is just a cut below. Rather than communicating from the top down, we build from the ground up.


Our approach blends a mix of event, mobile, and guerilla marketing with interactive and traditional mediums to deliver impressions that get noticed. MASSMEDIUMS builds brands by establishing interactive and personal connections with consumers. MASSMEDIUMS has successfully partnered with larger, more traditional agencies to deliver solutions, but we thrive as the sole brand strategist for our clients.

What sets MASSMEDIUMS apart is our ability to develop and execute innovative brand experiences that connect with audiences and drive traffic to both interactive and physical venues. Whether its one of our custom experiences, an event we target, or an interactive destination- MASSMEDIUMS delivers.


While the others start with the objectives, MASSMEDIUMS begins by uncovering the challenge (guess it’s that whole non-traditional thing again). At the core of our process, MASSMEDIUMS utilizes a knowledge-based approach to understand our clients’ business by uncovering challenges, defining objectives and profiling their audience.

While other agencies ZIG with predictability, we ZAG with the unexpected. Forget conventional media mixes- we don’t broadcast our message to consumers, we converse with them one-on-one. We listen to them, we hang out, and we entertain.

Strategic Marketing Capabilities

Strategic Planning

If you have the winning idea, MASSMEDIUMS has the winning plan. Our team of experienced, business development gurus have taken both existing businesses and startups to the next level. MASSMEDIUMS provides guidance into all areas of your business with strategic planning from concept to roll-out.

Branding & Creative

Need a memorable identity that cuts through? MASSMEDIUMS offers clean, iconic creative & branding capabilities that get clients where they need to be. From brand identity to collateral development and direct response campaigns, we’ve done it.

Advertising & Media

MASSMEDIUMS can enhance your current advertising & media efforts by identifying a smarter way to spend your media and advertising dollars. MASSMEDIUMS’s audit based approach gauges the effectiveness of current efforts, then delivers an optimized plan to ensure that our clients have the winning marketing mix to breakthrough.

Media & Public Relations

Need help getting into that key industry publication or creating the buzz among consumers? No sweat, MASSMEDIUMS supplies media relations to the largest publications and utilizes our proprietary approach identify and secure coverage in a variety of social networks, blogs, and local forums. And if they don’t exist for your brand, we’ll create them.

Custom Interactive Solutions

Many agencies have custom interactive capabilities, but MASSMEDIUMS takes it to the next level with its consumer-centric approach. Creating top interactive solutions for brands and teaming them up with our innovative brand promotions gives MASSMEDIUMS the ability to deliver both physical and interactive brand experiences that get results.

Market & Influencer Research

Need access to the important segments of your audience that will help push the masses? Let MASSMEDIUMS identify the individuals that have influence, educate them, and engage them to move the needle and drive the masses towards your brand. MASSMEDIUMS also offers a range influencer research to get the low down on your people, so you know how to communicate with them even before the first word is spoken.

Tours & Mobile Marketing

Take your message on the road. From product sampling tours to unique mobile experiences MASSMEDIUMS concepts, coordinates, and implements consumer experiences that bring brands to the forefront. MASSMEDIUMS provides opportunities for consumers to get a taste of brands first hand with custom mobile marketing tours, interactive walk-thru experiences, and mobile messaging campaigns that expose companies to consumers on a local, regional, or national level.

Event Creation & Execution

If there’s not an existing event that encompasses your brand or audience, no sweat- we’ll make one up. MASSMEDIUMS utilizes each business unit to come up with the idea, put it together and get the bodies there to make it worth your while. From small local events at established venues, to large-scale outdoor national tours built from the ground up, MASSMEDIUMS gets it done.

Sponsorships & Promotions

Looking to make a big splash or gain that much needed cred with consumers? MASSMEDIUMS has linked top brands with some of the most recognizable events & artists. We continually keep our ear to the streets for the next big thing and current trends to craft custom sponsorships and promotions designed to increase sales, awareness, consumer participation, information or just keep your brand top of mind.

Event, Guerilla & Grassroots

Whether you’re looking to go where they are, or bring them to you, MASSMEDIUMS’s got you covered. With an integrated approach between our entertainment and communication groups, MASSMEDIUMS targets and attracts key demographics by coordinating custom brand-centric events, as well as developing grassroots promotional teams and event marketing tactics that target and connect with consumers where they are.

Viral & WOM Marketing

Having the winning idea is not enough- it needs to get talked about. MASSMEDIUMS enhances and amplifies messaging to get it heard by the right people. We utilize viral and word-of-mouth marketing to make brands socially relevant by creating the chatter on relevant blogs, newsletters,
websites, and ultimately in the ears of your audience.

Audio & Video Production

Entertain and inform. MASSMEDIUMS delivers a full range of audio and video solutions for clients, including: audio & video production, live entertainment filming, and DVD/CD creation.

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