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Custom ERPs & Web-based Application Developers

Your business has unique challenges. Let us help you solve them.

At MASSMEDIUMS, we're more than designers – we're information technology experts. While we can handle the creative services like branding, marketing, copywriting and graphics – our team is just as adept on the technical side.

While we're fluent with many of the latest technologies used to develop modern & scalable web-based applications, where we truly excel is in problem solving. We take the time to learn the specific challenges which are unqiue your business... so we can devise a custom tailored strategy. Then we will leverage the newest technologies such as Node.js, Angular.js, and MongoDb build a custom web application that's been designed & developed to meet your specific needs.

Our engagement can be limited to initial consulting services or provding a detailed audit of your current business workflows and application architecture – to proof-of-concepts or complete end-to-end application development. We can also provide full range of outsourced services – from server orchestration and deployment to ongoing DevOps and maintenance plans. No matter what, we have you covered and we become a part of your team.

Custom web applications designed to meet business needs

In today's business environment, competition is everywhere. You're expected to raise revenue, expand market share, and elevate customer satisfaction, while also improving efficiency and cutting costs. MASSMEDIUMS custom-built enterprise applications can do all of this and more. Let us help you advance to the next level.

  • Requirements gathering and rapid development cycles.
  • Custom backend systems and ERPs for Data Management
  • Honing your competitive edge, expanding market reach, upscaling operations.
  • Seamless integration of front and back-end operations.
  • Custom integrations with services and APIs
  • Ongoing maintenance and service contracts
  • Outsourced DevOps and server monitoring
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MASSMEDIUMS has been essential in the growth of our company, delivering high-impact marketing tools and a first-rate web presence

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