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Responsive web design is essential for business

There are so many terms for websites/pages and how they interact with technology. Typical mobile devices include: cell phones, tablets, netbooks, etc… and that is the main principle behind the term Responsive Web Design...


Google: 5 key findings on mobile path to purchase

In our increasingly connected world, customers rely on mobile devices more than ever to help them with their shopping needs. To better understand this, Google has partnered with Neilsen to better understand a customer's...


Responsive web design is the new standard

Responsive Web Design is gaining a lot of traction because it allows users to gain access to websites on the go, whether using tablets, smartphones or mobile devices. As web developers continue to sharpen their techniques and create new...


Capitalize on mobile search opportunities

Marketing in the new digital landscape is changing blazingly fast, and it is important to understand how to best capitalize on mobile search boom. From in-app purchases to in-store promos, new marketing opportunities are arising that...


Why your website must be mobile friendly

Your customers are increasingly on the go. Your website must be easy to access from all mobile devices, or you risk loosing out on business. Here are 5 great reasons your company would benefit from a newly designed responsive website...


Recent trends in mobile search and conversions

Mobile search is exploding. People use their smartphones to search for everything including for online shopping, making travel plans, even to check their finances. The grueling part is measuring how many people move from...


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